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Its finally here! Our first ever Coloring Contest

Hey y'all! You know I love kids and I love art so of course I had to find a way to combine the two. This blog post is all about the little ones. I remember the excitement as a child when I saw that piggly wiggly was holding a coloring contest. I don't think I actually got my image up on the window but oh how I loved to look at the work of those that did. Fast forward a few (30) years later and I finally have my own store front in downtown El Campo! Theres nothing I would enjoy more than displaying the art of a child and bringing joy to their faces as they get to show friends & family how talented they are. As an El Campo Photographer I truly appreciate the soul of an artist in all mediums.

Speaking of littles, here are a few of my favorite cuties.

After two weeks of searching stock images and coming up empty I decided to design one just for this contest. She may not be a perfect bunny but she's some bunny to me. lol see what I did there? Prizes? Yes there are indeed prizes and I have appropriately created art themed packets for my little winners. Since everyone deserves a chance to let their inner artist shine, the contest is broken down into age groups. Each group will have finalist and the finalist names will be entered into a drawing for the grand prizes!

Keep it simple, you are free to use crayons, markers, or coloring pencils but I do ask please don't use paint, stickers, or glitter (gasp.. as much as I love sparkles that was hard to say).

I'm at the studio most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 11- 4 for you to drop of your finished piece and I will put it up in the front window so everyone can enjoy the art as long as space is permitting. For the parents out there, maybe you will get a few minutes of quiet time as the kids color, feel free to start that book you've been waiting to read or just enjoy the beautiful spring weather. That's it no strings, no obligation, no hidden agenda just print, color and turn it in. The phone and email address portion will be folded up so it won't show in the studio window.

Download your coloring page here or stop by the studio and pick one up & enjoy.

easter bunny coloring contest page

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