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When I look at my son and I see a man.....

Being an El Campo Texas Photographer has provided me the backdrop for stunning Senior Photography. I love my job and creating Portraits for my El Campo Seniors as well as my Houston Seniors. But more so than any job I have ever had I have to say Motherhood has been the hardest, craziest, and most rewarding part of my life.

When Ashton was a baby he was always quiet, he only cried when he needed something or Keanen was being mischievous again. He has always been independent but at the same time he has always been a mommas boy. I was blessed to have this little guy by my side in the kitchen helping me prep meals, taste test, and yes lick the spoons when I was done whipping up some tasty confection. When I need something I know I can always depend on my son without (much) hesitation. As I sit here and type I find my eyes welling with tears knowing he is so much closer to going away for college. You see I cant imagine my life without seeing his smile daily and yes he smiles often. Editing these images I was filled with a mixture of happiness and sadness.

Gazing upon the face of my baby boy realizing he has became a man, and that must have happened when I blinked because I don't remember seeing the change yet still it came. Weekends that were once filled with trips to the zoo, bike rides in the park, and chuck e cheese are now replaced with college campus tours, SAT and ACT tests, and crazy busy weekends that fade to a blur. I am crying like a baby now ya'll!! I'm proud of my son, he has direction in life and the motivation to reach his goals. Though still undecided on which college he will be attending the acceptance letters have started rolling in as well as the scholarships and with each one I feel him slipping away into adulthood. UGH I just need time to slow down so I can hold him a little while longer.

In closing I suggest holding your babies a little tighter while you can, I know mine will have to endure a super emotional mom tonight as we look through his full senior portrait gallery together. If you enjoyed my blog to spite the emotional outpouring please share and as always I am grateful for the opportunity to capture your precious memories.

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