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  Texas  Wedding   Gallery

 As one of life's most treasured events, your Texas wedding is your day to shine. Whether in Houston, El Campo, or one of the destination weddings we have been blessed to attend, you can relax knowing you are working with professionals. From the initial excitement of getting ready until the last dance, your wedding is one of the biggest, most celebrated days of your life. Every moment should be as special as the next, captured through a lens to remember forever, which is why we always have two photographers ensuring every moment is well documented. Rather than simply taking a photograph, we go a step further and use our camera to tell your unique story, revealing tender memories you'll reminisce upon for a lifetime.  With an eye for detail and a blend of traditional poses and photojournalistic styled shots, creating your story is our passion. You will be provided with a stunning keepsake album of portraits ready to cherish for a lifetime as well as some images in digital format for archiving and personal printing purposes. Telling the story of your wedding day, capturing the emotions, love, and laughter that day brings gives us great joy. 

We accomidate weddings in all shapes and sizes. Through the year we have worked with couples on elaborate events as well as smaller intimate ceremonies. Each wedding is unique from the last yet all are founded on a deep love and commitment between two people. If you want your story told and your greatest love captured with beauty and grace get in touch and choose a package to fit your needs today.


You will find pricing and packages below. All packages are subject to applicable sales tax.

A non refundable deposit is required at time of booking to hold your wedding date. The remaining balance may be split into equal payments with the final balance due 72 hours prior to your wedding date. 

The Elopement


The name says it all. Ideal for the intimate ceremony with less than ten guests and participants.  Coverage begins at your contracted time and allows for ceremony coverage as well as artistically

posed formal images 

 immediately following. 


1.5 hours of wedding coverage

2 photographers

25 digital files delivered via download

6x6 - 16 page (8 spreads)  

linen wedding album



Package #1

Basic Coverage


Ideal for small and informal weddings or those just wanting to capture a few professional posed images and highlights. Your coverage begins a half hour prior to your ceremony to document the moments leading up to the ceremony. Formal  posed images immediately follow leaving us enough time to capture   any traditional moments you may have planned such as cake cutting, toast, or the first dance to ensure

you have a full wedding album to display showcasing your wedding day. 


2.5 hours of wedding coverage

2 photographers

100 digital files delivered via download

8x8 - 16 page (8 spreads)  

wedding album



Package #2

Classic Coverage

Ideal for the couple that want the most memorable moments captured while keeping the budget moderate. Your coverage begins an hour prior to your ceremony to capture the final getting ready images, emotional moments exchanged between the bridal party, and to record the details of your venue prior to your guests arrival. Coverage continues into the first few hours of your reception, with a well planned timeline we will be able to document all of the traditional wedding moments along with some beautiful candid and posed portraits. After hand edits are applied to each image, the best ones will be transformed into a visual story of your wedding day showcased in an exquisite 10x10 20 page luxe photo album.


 5 hours of wedding coverage 

2 photographers

250+ digital files delivered via download & USB

10x10 - 20 page (10 spreads)  


wedding album



Package #3

Premium Coverage

This is for the couple that wants to immerse     yourself in the ceremony without  worrying about rushing timelines to ensure each detail is documented. Instead you can relax knowing each detail will be captured professionally as they unfold. Coverage begins at the time of your choosing to commemorate all of the getting ready moments you will come to cherish as well as the moments your guests begin to arrive. Full detailed coverage continues through out the ceremony into the evening as you dance your cares away. Many of our couples choose to schedule a short time period for an evening formal portrait session, giving us the opportunity to create some breath taking custom artwork for your home. Through combined posed and photojournalistic styled images we will be able to document your wedding in great detail and then translate those images into a visual story displayed in one of our heirloom quality  exquisite 10x10 30 page luxe wedding albums. 


8 hours of wedding coverage 

2 photographers

500+ digital files delivered by download & USB

10x10 - 30 page (15 spreads)  

wedding album





Premuim Bridal

2 hour session 

studio or fresh air

Luxe edits, smoothing, & airbrush

use of antique furniture

(30) HR digital images 

Free 11x14 Silk print





One Hour Bridal

1 hour session 

studio or fresh air

use of antique furniture

(5) digital images 


(1) 16x20 poster print

for display

 $150 studio

  $175 Fresh Air

One Hour Engagement 

1 hour session 

studio or fresh air

use of antique furniture

(5) digital images


(10) 5x7 printed proofs for display  


$175Fresh Air

Additional Hour of coverage


includes 50 added digital images per hour of coverage

Wedding Rehearsal 

1.5 hours of rehearsal coverage at your venue.

20 additional digital images added to your package.


Day After Session

Why would you schedule a session the day after your wedding?

With the wedding over you are free from the constraints of timelines, racing to greet guests, and all of the stress that comes with your special day. Maybe the weather was not as you had hoped but you still long to create those amazing portraits you missed. Prehaps you just want another excuse to wear that glorious gown and get lost in each others gaze once again. 


We will meet at a location of your choosing. You will walk hand in hand, reflecting upon the vows you made, taking each moment as it comes. Magic happens when you step into a comfortable place and find yourself surrounded by  beauty, love, and nature. We will travel to your chosen destination in the Gulf coast area in order to fulfill your portrait dreams and create some intimate and artistic pieces for your album and home. 

1.5 hour fresh air session

 20 additional digital images added to your final gallery.



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