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A Wedding Love Story

Sometimes a love comes along that shines so bright everyone around can bask in the warmth. Idi and Juan are one such couple. At their engagement session I could not help but notice the beautiful smile Idi had each time she looked at Juan. He in return shared the tell tale smile of a deep love both with a twinkle in their eye and a lighter step when walking hand in hand. I knew their wedding would be special, emotional, and beautiful. On the wedding day we arrived to see Juan seated out front, ring box in hand anxiously awaiting his blushing bride with a look of joy upon his face. I found Idi simply glowing as she prepared for the ceremony surrounded by loved ones. I was blessed to capture such an intimate and important time in their lives, it was so powerful I could see a true love story happening in front of my lens. I wanted to create something special so heres a little video of a real life love story.

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