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Confessions of a Helicopter mom & a photography adventure!

Collage of a 6 month old boy and his senior portraits

This has been a crazy amazing year so far. Not only did I finally graduate with my degree in digital photography but I also finished as an Adobe certified graphic specialist. As if that wasn't amazing enough I got to watch My oldest child, Keanen walk across the stage as a proud high school graduate. I can not tell you how may tears I have shed over the last year of my life. Most of them tears of joy though some admittedly were tears of self pity. You see I have a hard time imagining my life without my son in it every single day and yes I know as he grows older he will move on and of course I want to watch him succeed but at the same time I was, am, was, ..... ok am a helicopter mom. I have been there for every choir concert, every football game, every call to the principals office, and knowing those moments are gone is a terribly hard thing to accept. Oh he still needs me, and I am lucky enough that he is attending his first two years of college close to home so I can get all those last minute crazy cuddles (that he pretends not to like) in before he leaves the nest.

While gathering all of our old photos for display at his graduation party I came to the sad realization that I didn't take enough photos of him when he was little. Yes I hav the school pictures and a few snapshots here and there but not many that truly show who he was in those moments. This has inspired me to create a series of themed photo sessions focusing on capturing the imagination of little one and their personalities through adventure.

A series of images featuring a boy and his bear on a raft

Lace wrapped Rustic back yard tent

Summer can get hectic but its important to take a few moments to create a special memory with your little ones. I’m going to share one of our favorite back yard activities. creating a Back yard tent!! Its easy and anyone can do it using the supplies you have around your home. Go ahead, pull out the bed sheets, table cloths, and throw pillows. you can spend the cooler afternoon catching fireflies or making s’mores, and the memory will last a lifetime .

Houston Senior Photography Special

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