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A senior, an alley, & a glance into the future.

Once again I ventured into the beauty of my back alley to create a little photo magic. Ok so maybe I'm not a magician, but I do have some skills, and when I have a polite and handsome model in front of my camera its pretty easy to create something awesome. Yes, these images were taken in my back alley and you can book a session in studio with me if you would like to venture out in the alley too. I love the texture! Ok so here is a little slideshow preview for you...

Senior Sessions ROCK! As a mom of a senior myself, I have a deep appreciation for how important these moments are. Yes the images are of the senior but they are also for the parents. We watch them grow and shape them the best we can hoping their futures are bright and full of happiness. I am truly blessed to capture this important time in a seniors life: the end of high school and the beginning of a new chapter. This is precisely why I chose to end this blog with a glimpse into the future.

Man looking off into the sunset in front of courthouse

Look at me go! Two blogs in one week!!! 2018 is starting strong and I didn't even ramble that much this time. Well... ok, up until the end. Like right now,but you knew the would happen....

until next blog, so long y'all.


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